Royal Commission delivers final report

Today was a landmark day in the campaign to end family violence.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence delivered its recommendations. This was the Commission that was called in the wake of Luke’s murder and the emerging national conversation about how to protect women and children.

The report from the Commission is extensive. Read more about the recommendations from the Commission below.



It makes some 227 recommendations to address systemic issues – as far ranging as safety and housing for victims, police and court responses to family violence and perpetrator accountability.

I’ve only had a short amount of time today to review the report and it will take sometime to digest all the findings. You can read it here

The Victorian Government has already agreed to adopt all of the recommendations. Speaking at the launch today, Premier Daniel Andrews said “this is everyone’s problem, it’s unacceptable and it changes today.”

This Royal Commission has been hugely significant. It was a once-in-a-generation event and an opportunity to bring family violence issues out from behind closed doors.

Without this Royal Commission so many stories would have gone untold.

Through the process we have heard from many victims and survivors about inadequacies in the system – a system that failed me, a system that failed Luke.

Today is significant, but it’s just another step in the right direction.

Ending family violence needs a long-term commitment from all levels of government, not just in Victoria, and from everyone in the nation.

I am optimistic that if we keep talking about it, keep educating the community and keep the pressure up for change, we can protect more women and children from suffering in their own homes.

Thanks again for accompanying me on this journey.

Best wishes,


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